20Gauge shotgun slug

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  1. gerard488

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Can anyone tell me the actual diameter of a 20 gauge slug and also the the inside diameter at the muzzle of a 20 gauge with a full choke?
    I have a H&R 24 gauge that was drilled/resized at the breech about 60 years ago to fire a 20 gauge shell.It has a 24 inch barrel so I guess that was cut back to eliminate the full choke. This gun has seen lots of use and it`s a deadly little rabbit gun. It has a little extra kick because of the smaller barrel. It measures .567 inches internal diameter at the muzzle, I`m just wondering if there is a slug I could use in it.
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    .615 is the nominal size but it varies among manufacturers. If it's a Foster or Brenneke rifled slug don't worry about it, the only choke you have to worry about is super full choke, ie. turkey choke. If it's a little over size it will swage down harmlessly in your choke and if its a little undersize the full choke will help you shoot it more accurately. I have one on my desk in front of me and it only measures .610. I don't think my gun notices the difference.

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