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As the others have already posted, the .22-250 is at it's finest hour shooting varmints. It's an excellent long-range varmint caliber. I know folks (Bindernut raises his hand meekly from the back row) that have used it on whitetails...but it's definitely not ideal for the task as there aren't any decent .224" bullets that will perform good on deer at .22-250/.220Swift velocities.
It's my all-time favorite varmint/coyote cartridge. I've taken many yotes with it out past 400yds with no problem anchoring them. Yeah, the .243 has more steam left at long-range...but it's a lot harder on the pelt and I'm a hide hunter.

How does it compare to the .222?
About 600fps faster with like weight bullets.
Roughly 500ft/lbs more muzzle energy and much less drop at long range...This is comparing the two with a 50gr BTSP bullet with a BC of 0.255.
Burns about 1.5x as much powder to get that added velocity.
The .222 is a good 200-300yd varmint cartridge. The .22-250 will let you stretch that range out to 400ydsor beyond.

Back to your .25-06...
If I was forced to a single cartridge for the upper midwest from varmints to deer (and even elk), I would choose the .25-06. In fact it was my only centerfire rifle for several years after my shop fire.
The .25-06 outclasses the .243 by a wide margin. It is more comparable to the .270Win than the little 6mms.
That would be my keeper out of the two "trading material" rifles you mentioned. But...that's just me too. Your needs might be completely different.
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