22-6mm ackley improved

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    Jun 30, 2012
    Is ther a manual for reloading this cartridge
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    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    The latest Hornady manual (7th Ed.) has a short section on a basic .22-6mm.
    Otherwise, not per se...
    There are quite a few different versions of the .22-6mmRem wildcats out there. All of them have similar case volumes but slightly different shoulder angle, body taper, etc.
    It's not a commercially accepted cartridge yet either and I don't see any listing in the SAAMI pressure specs for the cartridge in my data sheets. You seldom see any wildcat cartridges listed in the mainstream manufacturer's manuals.

    Besides the Hornady manual...
    For starters you can use data for the 5.6x57mm RWS, which is the 7x57 Mauser necked down to .224"...basically the same since the .244/6mmRem is also based on the 7x57 case. It is a fairly low-pressure cartridge compared to how most wildcatters are loading the .22-6mm so velocities look very similar to the Swift.
    This is what I worked with when I had my .22-6mm back in the early 90s. But I also had some proven loads from the rifle's previous owner that I usually stuck with.
    My results with a 30° shoulder, straight-walled version were basically 150-200fps faster than the .220Swift. With a regular .22-6mm (a non-Improved version) you can expect 100-150fps over Swift velocities without going crazy on the pressure.

    If you are a member over there, www.loaddata.com has a few loads listed for the .22-6mm that were apparently published in Issue 216 of Handloader magazine.
    http://www.loaddata.com/members/sea...caliberid=5&header=.22 Caliber Reloading Data
    I have never subscribed to the site and it's been quite a few years since I've subscribed to either Handloader or Rifle so I'm not sure how good their data is...
    I tend to stick with manufacture published data unless it's something that I'm brewing up myself.
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