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    I have a Browning Medalist and a Buckmark Rifle. Both shoot very accurately using el cheapo $8.95 per 550 Remington bonus pack golden hollow points sold at Kmart. I tired some Federal Gold Medal Target rounds and the two guns shot terribly with this ammo. Anybody know why or had similar experiences? Also, anyone have a favorite cartrige for either of these two guns?

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    Bill, welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here.

    About the .22 bullets, That is just the nature with each gun and its taste for a particular ammo. Once you have tried several and found the best for that gun, write it down. Usually, this is necessary for each gun. My different 22's take different bullets.

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    Bill and All,
    I recently bought a used Buckmark (with ProPoint 3 red dot) with a 6 inch barrel. There was about 500 rounds thru it.

    I went to the range Friday and tested 4 types of ammo:
    1. CCI Stinger High Velocity
    2. CCI Standard Velocity
    3. Remington (El Cheapo) Std Velocity HP, Bulk pack
    4. CCI Pistol Match

    At 25 yards the Remington and the Stingers were about equal (2.5 inch groups). I wouldn't pay the extra for the CCI Pistol Match (for my gun anyway) as these shot about 4 inch groups. CCI Std Velocity shot about 4 inch goups also. I was actually amazed by the Stinger performance, as I have heard a lot about the High Velocity rounds being less accurate. I have made friends with a guy that shoots .22 Bullseye and he uses CCI Std Velocity in his modified Smith and Wesson Model 41.

    The next time I go to the range I will spend time marking and measuring the targets and quantifying the accuracy of these rounds for everyone here. I am wondering how deep to take the analysis (Barrel cleaning after each set, barrel temperature, ambient climate conditions, etc.). I like being very thorough.

    It really comes down to the fact that each firearm has an affinity for particular ammo and it is up to the shooter to figure this puzzle out. (By the way, my Colt New Frontier .22LR prefers the Pistol Match CCI's. It sure is fun figuring it all out!!!


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    Hi Bill.....welcome to TFF.

    Yep....just the nature of the beast, but I've heard a lot of .22 auto pistol owners say that their guns just plain don't like the hi-velocity stuff. Don't know if it's the same with rifles.

    My old Ruger RST-4 thrives on the cheap stuff.

    Some people like Mouton Rothschield, some like a fine vintage Boone's Farm....guess guns are the same.

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    Thanks JB and Xracer.
    My main surprise was the MUCH more expensive ammo was MUCH more inaccurate. Nothing subtle, a large difference. Certainly this match ammo has a role for some guns, but not my two Brownings auto's. Next I'll do a comparison using my Ruger single six revolver. I'll pass on the info if its interesting.
    Also, wanted to let readers know that the bulk .22 Remingtons are a super bargain. Take care, Bill

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    Every semi-auto .22 (pistol or rifle) has its own personality, so I experiment with many brands & types of ammo with any new piece I get. Yes, I have found "match" ammo tends to be very accurate. But I prefer affordable target ammo.
    CCI Stds for my K10/22T.
    Mini-Mags, American Eagle HV, Thunderbolts for my P22.
    Got 2.5" @ 50 ft Offhand with the P22 3.42" yesterday using the AE5022 Lead.