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    Went to the 50 ft indoor range yesterday. I have been curious about how good my Marvel conversion is (on Colt Delta Elite 10mm frame). Since the barrel is fixed to the frame and the sights fixed to the barrel the effect is the same as my S&W Model 41. My CZ Kadet 22 conversion works the same way so I took it too.

    The concept of the test was bench rest, open sights, 50 ft indoors, Wolf Match Target and Match Extra. I decided that two ten round groups of each ammo through each gun was about all the time I had to do. Between ammo types I fouled the barrels with five rounds. Here are the results in inches:

    Marvel Conversion-TARGET ave=0.97, smallest=0.70; -EXTRA ave=1.20, smallest=0.90

    Model 41-TARGET ave=1.42, smallest=1.35: -EXTRA ave=1.32, smallest=1.25

    CZ Kadet-TARGET ave=1.25, smallest=1.20; -EXTRA ave=1.15, smallest=1.05

    Conclusions: The $3.90 a box EXTRA is only sometimes better than the $2.90 TARGET in these guns. The CZ Kadet out shot the Model 41 with these ammos! The Marvel likes TARGET and shoots really well! Open sights really limit the accuracy, at least with my old eyes. Both the Kadet and the Model 41 would throw a couple of rounds away from the group and discounting those, the groups from the Model 41 look tighter than the CZ Kadet. But all rounds count in a match! The Marvel groups were even tighter yet.

    At the end of the session for a couple of targets I changed from a round bullseye target to a square rotated 45 degrees and the sighting was a little easier (actually got a little better results in one case). I think I need to repeat the test with a Red Dot mounted to each gun to find the ultimate bench accuracy. I got a new appreciation for the CZ Kadet and reinforced that the Marvel conversion is indeed accurate but a bit fussy on loading reliability. The magazines may need a little work (?).

    Thanks for reading my test report and please comment, if you wish.

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