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I have owned two different 22 Hornet rifles over the last 15 years.

The first was a used Ruger Number 3 (single shot modern looking, inexpensive version of the Ruger number 1). It shot a best of a 1/2 inch group (5 shots) at 50 yds using 45 grain Hornet .224 cal bullets (much older guns used .223 bullets which are also available) over about 11.3 grains of Hodgdon 4227.

The latest one replaced the Ruger which I had sold and is a CZ American 527 (I think that is the number-It has an exposed magazine just ahead of the trigger guard). It comes with a set trigger which can be adjusted down to less than 8 oz. I found that I like it best at one lbs. I just shot it two weeks ago for groups. The best group (5 shots) was 0.4 inches at 50 yds. and the average of 15 five shot groups at 50 yds was 0.78 inches. The bullet was the Hornet .224 Seirra 1200, 40 grains over 10.0 grains of Hodgdon 4227. I think I am approaching the limit of my old eyes as they don't even like to use scopes anymore. By the way, the best three shot group was 0.2 inches.

I bought a couple of hundreds pieces of Hornet brass 15 years ago. I am still using it. I have not seen any of the brass related problems as stated by the earlier emailer. But I load for accuracy not velocity so my loads tend to be less than maximum loads. Maybe that is the secret (?).

Good luck with your Hornet. I love the caliber. You will too.

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