22 rem jet magnum / ammo

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    a freind found a old brand new box of this ammo and was wandering what it was worth and how long was it made and what manufactures made this chambering / rifle ? looks like a necked down 38spl.? what is the approx velocity? appear to be jacketed soft nose .
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    I've seen a couple older T/C Contender barrels in .22Jet as well. Both 10".

    I don't remember what velocity the round would do out of a S&W revolver....I would guess somewhere around 2000-2200fps with a 40gr.
    The 4th edition Hornady manual still has data for the Jet (developed using a 10" Contender barrel). It shows a max velocity of 2500-2600fps using a 40gr out a 10" tube.

    That S&W53 was a neat revolver. They came from the factory with a set of chamber inserts for the cylinder so you could also shoot .22LR in the gun. Also, the bore of the 53 was only .222" diameter (as opposed to the more common .224" bore for centerfire .22s) This smaller bore was done so it would handle the .22LR fired from the inserts more accurately.
    Contender barrels in .22Jet have the standard .224" bore...

    I haven't seen a 53 in person since I was a kid. They're very collectible now...especially if they are in good shape and still have the rimfire cylinder inserts.
    Not sure how long they made em though. They were introduced in '61 and were still made in at least the early 70s.

    that ammo is no longer made by Remington anymore so it's probably got some collectors value itself.
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