22 rimfire expanding ammo

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    Reply .22 rimfire expanding ammo
    Hi all

    I am in the process of applying for a fire arms licence here in the UK and under section 20 of the application form it asks me -
    “Maximum amount of ammunition you wish to have in your possession at any one time (including expanding ammunition and expanding missiles). Target shooting is no longer considered a good reason to possess expanding ammunition.”

    The rifle I am applying for is a .22 rimfire and I am not sure if .22 rimfire ammo is expanding
    And the sole purpose of the rifle would be for small vermin e.g. rabbits, squirrels, Carrion and ground game
    Could any of you be so kind to point me in the right direction?
    Do I need expanding ammo or does this only apply to centre fire rifles?
    What amount of ammo should I request to keep?

    Thanks for your time. And have a merry X mass


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    GREETINGS and WELCOME from across the pond.

    .22 Rimfire is available in both expanding (hollow-points) and solid`s (non-expanding) both are in big supply and easy to find. I use both, but prefer hollow-points (expanding): less prone to pass through the game. As to how much ammo/combined you will have. Can`t answer that, but I normally keep about 10,000 rounds of .22 rimfire at all times; in differents flavors of course. Depending on how much you will shoot or how hard/long you have to wait on getting ammo should be considered to. I don`t now how hard it is over there.


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    hi Celtdesign,

    welcome to the TFF. i do a fair amount of target shooting but can't shoot any of the vermin around my home (in the city). i'd think a couple thousand rounds is more than adequate - so long as there is relatively easy access to purchase ammunition.

    any chance you can go to a gun shop and ask the operators what a "fair" amount of ammo to have on hand is??? ... or fellow licensees???

    good luck! let us know the results of your licensing.

    chris in sandy eggo
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