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Excellent point, I did not mention High Standard because the new ones are expensive and not as fine as the older Connecticut built firearms. I shot competitively for decades with the Supermatic Citation Model 103. I love that gun and it's grip. My wife still takes the money home from the club fun shoots with it today. :)

I have no critism of the Buckmark or MK pistols. Please see my last post. They are great firearms and I highly recomend them.
I'll fuss a little about them...for people who are new to semi-auto pistols, the Ruger MK's are a bizatchie to learn how to disassemble & reassemble. I highly suggest having access to a friend/local gun guru if you get one for your first pistol.
Heck, some of us old farts have trouble with the dang things too...

Buckmarks are awesome...and easier to deal with.

Old High Standards rule the roost. They're the only American Pistol Mfr to ever win Olympic Gold.
So American MFR has even come close since. Kinda sad, that.
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