22 SGB Handtool...Worth the $$ and time?

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 22, 2003.

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    Reply 22 SGB Handtool...Worth the $$ and time?
    I have heard some mention of this gizmo on this and a few other boards.

    It seems to cut off the tips of solid 22 ammo to make a large meplat for increased game hunting effectiveness.

    It cost $40, the price of a brick of reaallllly good hp ammo.

    And, then you have to use the thing on each bullet.

    What do you guys/gals think?
    Anyone with personal experience?
    Here is the link:


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    Reply Re: 22 SGB Handtool...Worth the $$ and time?
    Seems like a PITA to me......used to shoot Remingtom Vipers---pointed flat nose. Last flat was so up and down......never bought them again, sounded like some barely made it out the barrel/while some seemed to be double charged.....not nearly as good as a quailty HP though. JMHO


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    Reply Re: 22 SGB Handtool...Worth the $$ and time?
    Its easy to cut down .22 bullets. You don't need that gizmo, all you need is a sharp knife.
    A friend of mine at the range once told me that , as a kid he had a .22 short revolver. He couldn't find any .22 short rounds, so he cut down .22LR. He said it was REALLY powerful and very effective on small game.
    However , if you cut those bullets yourself , it won't be as precise as with that gizmo. I'd say buy one , and let the others know if its any good.

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    Reply Re: 22 SGB Handtool...Worth the $$ and time?
    hello.. i doubt if this ammo would cycle due to the flat point.

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    Reply Re: 22 SGB Handtool...Worth the $$ and time?
    Hi Forum!

    I´m an construction engineer from Germany as I pointed out some time ago...

    This Gizmo how you call it seems to me as an expensive joke!

    Try this instead:
    1. Get a cigar-cutter.
    2. Get a plastic tube in which you can insert the .22 cartridge, but not the rim (try a ball-pen-body)
    3. cut the tube to the length the cut round shall have

    Ready to begin now...

    4. insert round
    5. cut it of behind the tube with the cigar-cutter
    6. ready-steady-all-the same-length .22 Flat point rounds

    Works fine for me.



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    Reply Thats a great idea to try...Thanks!!!
    Eley Tenex Ultra have a flat nose...hmmmm.

    Ill try flattenning some CCI Green Tag this weekend.

    Will let yaull know!


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    (3/20/03 7:54:56 am)
    Reply Alternative SGB Tool
    There is an alternative to the Hanned Line SGB tool. A company called Beljan Manufacturing makes this one....

    There are two choices of bullet profile, depending on which way you insert the round into the tool.

    They were selling these on eBay a while back for $12.99 which included postage. Also included is a plastic "safety cap" that covers the rim of the cartridge to prevent igniting the primer during use.

    Contact info for Beljan Mfg. Co. is:
    Joe Beljan
    Beljan Mfg Corp
    7675 Carlisle Rd
    Wellsville Pa 17365
    Email is: [email protected]

    I wish I could say that I've given mine a thorough workout, but truth is, we just haven't had any decent outdoor shooting weather here in Northern New England since I got my SGB Tool.... That's about to change though..... (hopefully!)


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    Reply Re: Alternative SGB Tool
    OK....now would somebody please explain why this is necessary or desireable?
  2. werewolf

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    Mar 28, 2003
    Something in the genre

    I just tryed something.
    Instead of cutting the point down to make a Flat Point, why not sharpen it to a spitzer point ?
    I tryed it this afternoon and it works relatively well. Using a pencill sharpener I sharpened the round section, but leaft the wider rear part as it was. I aslo left the tip untouched so the point wouldn't snap off.
    The bullet looks a lot more aerodynamic, but I haven't had the time to test it yet. I'm sure it will kick ass.

  3. stuporman

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    Mar 24, 2003
    You made a..

    You made a Spitzer type bullet with a soft point.

    I personally dont like the idea of putting a rimfire into a pencil sharpener...but if it works for you!

    The SGP point, being flat, is supposed to increase the effectiveness on game by giving it more "slap" on the animal.

    I think your "werewolf special" bullet would be good for larger critters, like neutra rat or gopher.

    Maybe you could re-package some $1 pencil sharpeners and some instructions for $40 like Hanned Corp.


  4. werewolf

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    Mar 28, 2003
    Werewolf-special I like that idea :p