220 Russian Brass

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    Jan 28, 2010
    I have done a very moderate amount of reloading over the years. I am now retired and have jumped into a project that I need some help on. I purchased a used custom built 6mm PPC rifle that included a sizing die. I also purchased some supposedly once fired Lapua 220 Russian brass. While it may be once fired, it was fired in different rifles. Following are some examples of OD, ID, and neck wall thickness - in that order: #1- .2585-.234-.011 #2- .269-.243-.015 #3- .2615-.239-.0115 The rifle I have accepts a .2615" O.D. neck into the chamber with a very negligable amount of pressure to close the bolt. A .269 " neck O.D. will not go in. I can throw all this brass away and buy pre turned ready to go brass, however I would like to learn how to prepare my own from new (or used) Lapua 220 Russian. I have read that this process includes form firing, neck turning and resizing. If anyone has experience with this process, please help me to understand the correct order of going about this, as well as equipment I will need to purchase for the individual operations. Also any recommendations on amount of "press fit" between the bullet and cartridge case neck. Thanks!
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