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    Apr 21, 2012
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    Whats the favored bullet powder combos for .223 rem AR 16" Barrel 1x9 twist 6 groove ?

    Plz bear in mind I have a slide fire stock and I shoot both fast for fun and slow for groups as of now Ive only shot factory loads 55gr Federal American Eagle approx 500 rnds no FTF or FTE

    Ive bought Winchester 55gr FMJ boattail and was thinking of going with H335
  2. steve4102

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    Jan 27, 2006
    55gr Win FMJ will be fine for fast and fun, but they suck for accuracy. 335 works, but I prefer X-T/2230 for 55gr FMJ bullets. If you want an inexpensive yet relatively accurate 55gr FMJ get ya sum Hornady.

    For accuracy my AR 1-9 likes Sierra 53gr MK with a variety of powder, X-T/2230, 748, Benchmark and Varget, in that order.

    Just starting out loading for your AR ? Read this and always FL size.


  3. Bigr Bang Thry

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    Big fan of WIN 748 and 55gr Hornady spire points with cannelure. The combination is extremely accurate, and covers all the needs for tactical use and varmint hunting. The Win 748 meters very well, burns very clean, and I have not experienced ANY failures of any kind in either my AR or MINI. The spire points can be purchased in bulk boxes at reasonable price, and unlike FMJ, they actually do serious damage should you ever need to use them in a tactical situation. I do not feel the need to use UN/NATO approved FMJ type ammo... The way I see it, if I have to shoot someone, I want them to STAY down permanently.
  4. Regular Joe

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    Sep 28, 2010
    I was a big fan of 748 for my bolt rifles, but now that the AR is the only .223/5.56 I have, I'm staying with Varget. One big reason. It's one of Hodgdons' "extreme" powders, so it remains stable in a wide range of temperatures.
    I never do, and absolutely NEVER will "bump fire" any of my guns, but I do fire fast enough to get the chamber pretty hot. Let's say you fire a few rounds pretty fast, and then wait a little while to shoot again. The cartridge in the chamber gets VERY hot. With Varget, that round won't have the same pressure peak that a non-extreme powder does have. I want my barrel to remain at peak accuracy for as long as possible. Refusing to fast fire and avoiding high pressure are but two of the things one does to preserve their firearms.
    I fully agree that hunting bullets are the way to go. Reloading is a time consuming and very laborious process. To me, if I invest that effort into loading ammo that is essentially not effective, I have nullified the worth of my investment. Prove it to yourself. Set up a 1 gal. water jug @ 100 yards, and hit it with a FMJ bullet. You may as well be shooting a .22 LR. Next, hit another jug with a 55 gr. PSP, and see that it makes a very satisfying Whump! sound, whilst sending water vapor in a very impressive explosion.
    My current .223 recipe uses the 60 gr. Hornady SP over 26.1 gr. of Varget. That bullet costs about 12 cents ea., but the accuracy I get with it makes it worth the extra 3 cents over the bulk 55 gr. PSP. It also matters that every single round I fire is very carefully aimed, and fully expected to connect, out to about 300 yards. It's cheaper to use a good accurate bullet, and require only one, rather than using slightly cheaper bullets, and needing 4 or 5 for the same hit.

    PS- You'll often see no COAL for AR ammo, because the "standard" cartridge length is the longest you can make it, and still function in the magazine. This holds true for bullet weights up to about 75 gr. Above that, the ammo has to be very carefully matched to the throat of the chamber, and fed one at a time, because the bullets have to be seated at well over magazine length. Don't even attempt it until and unless you are VERY experienced.
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