2245 mods??

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    Mar 24, 2012
    Ok I don't know about other 2245 owners but that darn mag release is driving me crazy!! Is there a simple way to disable it so it releases the magazine like the old 2245 models did? If so what part or parts do I need to get? If you could please let me know where to get them and if possible a part # would be great too. Also are there any detailed instructions or videos on how to do this? Maybe I should have asked is this something the average person can do or do I need to contact a gunsmith? Thanks guys!

    I know Ruger did this so this gun could be sold in Cal. but why not make 2 versions one with this special release for Cal. and one that could be sold to the other 49 states??
  2. redmond

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    Apr 26, 2012
    Yes. This is an easy modification. One DYI or $10-$20 bushing and half an hour will do it (you only need the bushing; your MK III hammer will work fine).

    Look on the Rimfirecentral.com and guntalk-online.com forums - they list options and have detailed pictures, links to videos. Mags drop free when you push the mag release once done. Also gets rid of the mag in, mag out, mag in, mag out, dance at reassembly.

    A Google search for 22/45 bushing will also bring up videos, info.

    This does remove a factory 'Safety feature', so be aware that after the mod it will fire with the mag out and of any potential legal/warranty consequences.
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