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    Reply .22MAG DIAMONDBACK???
    i have always loved and owned the colt .22 diamondback. i have a few including one that is not in too good of shape. i've purchased an extra barrel and cylinder and was going to send it off to have it worked on. i got to thinking, is it possible to have this converted to .22 mag?? i'm sure the barrel and cylinder can handle the pressure? A barrel liner might have to be in stalled i'm sure but will the cylinder match up to the forcing cone after the modification. and if it will work in theory who is a competent gunsmith that can handle the project???

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    No reason that wont work. In fact, it is doubtful you would need to reline the barrel, depending on the actual bore diameter (.22 WMRF usually prefers .224" barrels).

    Obviously, the cylinder would first be fitted and timed. Rechambering the cylinder is a simple affair, but remember the extractor star may well have to be relieved as well (just a bit).
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