243 Win loads.... and my very first post :-)

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    The Wile E Coyote
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    (4/15/02 8:41:12 pm)
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    Hey everyone,

    I've been haunting this board for the last couple months or so and decided it's about time for me to say something. I'm currently in the Pacific NW in the state that is considered "God's Country" by those of us who live here, Washington. I've been an avid hunter for the last 15 years or so and have been reloading for a little over 3. I also like just picking up the 243 and doing a little plinking every now and then. There's a little about me and I thought I would share a couple of my "pet" loads that perform very well in my Ruger MK II.

    I'll start with my favorite...

    Bullet: 55gr Ballistic Silvertip
    Powder: 52.5gr of H414
    Primer: CCI 250 Large Rifle Magnum
    Avg Vel: 4000fps
    Age Group @ 100yrds: .25 in

    And another that I really like....

    Bullet: 58gr Hornady V-Max (molly coat)
    Powder: 43.6gr of IMR 4064
    Primer: CCI 250 Large Rifle Magnum
    Avg Vel: 3750fps
    Age Group @ 100yrds: .5 in

    Hope you guys don't mind this info. I was also wondering in any of you who shoot a 243 have had a change to try Barnes new 58gr and 72gr VLC. If any of you have, I'd like to here what you think of them.

    I think I've rambled enough for a first time, but I'll be here and hopefully posting more.

    cointoss 2
    *TFF Staff*
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    (4/15/02 8:51:03 pm)
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    Wiley, with a name like that I kinda figured you like them .243 loads on your namesake. Welcome to the Forum and thanks for shareing your pet loads, I myself just got a 243 so I do appreciate it about the fodder you like. I have to agree with you too about Washington, one of the prettiest states I have ever been to.

    *TFF Senior Staff*
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    (4/15/02 10:08:01 pm)
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    Howdy, Willie-

    You'll fit right in here on the board, so jump in anytime and join the fracus.

    Used to have a Sako Forester .243 that fell in love with Nosler 85 gr Partitions over 38.0 gr of H380 and a CCI BR2 primer. Never tried shooting anything lighter in it, due to rifiling twist. Didn't particularily like anything over 95 gr as far as accuracy goes, either as I recall.

    *TFF Staff*
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    (4/15/02 10:42:39 pm)
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    Welcome, Wiley.

    Only gent I know on the board who I think has a .243 is BlackGun, and he's probably working up some loads on it himself as he hasn't had it too long.

    I once had one in a Savage M-99 E, el cheapo Sears purchase that didn't work out well for me. It required Ultra Small Base dies and was finicky as heck to load. Think it had a bad chambering as I never could get the brass sized right.
    Finely sold it off. Should have got into a bolt action rifle.


    nevada paul
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    (4/16/02 10:54:55 am)
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    I have (and have had) several rifles in this caliber. I discovered that they all did well with Sierra 90 gr full metal jackets. This is a Game King bullet, so doesn't cost target prices, but seems to have the jacket drawn with very tight tolerances. It has given me true target accuracy from at least two guns.
    I've had good luck with IMR 4320 and the Sierra 90 grain. I think it was 37.0 grains of 4320, but that number is from memory. If you're interested I'll check my records.

    *TFF Senior Staff*
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    (4/16/02 4:53:33 pm)
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    Welcome to TFF, Wiley.

    Is your reloading press an "Acme"?

    The Wile E Coyote
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    (4/16/02 9:59:33 pm)
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to talking with everyone here.

    As for the heaviest bullet to date, it's the 85gr Barnes X. I've used that for both my deer and elk hunting.

    As for the press, I used to use the RCBS JR II, now I'm using the Rockchucker. Haven't considered going with any of the progressive presses yet, not sure how accurate I could get the loads with one, and I only load a couple hundred rounds at a time.
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