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    Dear Friends:

    I've been debating for several weeks whether to share this story with you, and having found so many like-minded folks on TFF, I finally decided to do so.

    I don't belong to any other forums of any kind. I'm not on Facebook or MySpace or Twitter, and while this forum is dedicated to guns and gun ownership, I've read enough posts here to know that this is a good place for the story. I've only shared this with a few friends and family members since it happened.

    I'm not posting it here so everyone can tell me what a wonderful person I am. I'm posting it for one specific reason - that if you ever doubted you could hear from the Lord, and be used by Him, that the doubt would be removed.

    Here we go.

    Many folks in our community know Mary. Mary, with her myriad health problems, massive financial burdens, and a spirit like no one I've ever met. Joyful Mary, whose mouth is constantly filled with praise to our Lord and thanksgiving for the blessings He has bestowed on her. Dear Mary, who is always more concerned about praying for the needs of others than for her own diabetes, liver cancer, arthritis, and congestive heart failure.

    It was a stunning Saturday morning here in central Illinois, the first day of September 2007. I had wandered next door to visit our neighbors, Marvin and Linda, and they showed me some new vines they were cultivating along their back fence. I excused myself, trotted over to our yard, and brought back a large trellis that Mary's husband had made for us. It's really quite a piece of work, but was too large to fit anywhere on our house, and had been resting against the back porch for some time. So I presented it to Marvin and Linda, who were delighted to have it. Marvin insisted on giving me $14 for it, which was all the cash he had on him, and I finally told him I'd accept it but would pass it on to Mary.

    A few hours later I was finishing a day's work in the yard. It was truly a breathtaking bit of weather - in the 50s all morning, 80s that afternoon, and not a cloud in the sky all day long. One of those brilliant, clean, crisp days where the very air seems alive. I had mowed, edged, swept, trimmed some bushes, and laid out eight bags of mulch in the flowerbeds and under the trees. I was soaked in sweat, filthy from head to toe, and reeking of pine bark and freshly cut grass. I was kneeling in a flowerbed, admiring my handiwork, and out of nowhere came a voice, as pure and sweet as the breeze I'd been enjoying all day long.

    "Mary needs some money."

    I stood up and looked around. No one. Not a sound. Nothing but the wind and the brilliant, clear sunlight. And I knew instantly Who it was.

    "How much, Lord?", I asked.

    No answer. I pushed my wheelbarrow into the garage and went in the house to wash up. I was considering a quick shower; I was covered in grime and wearing yard clothes that any homeless man would reject. Hmm, how about tomorrow? Would Tuesday be okay? I pondered the beckoning shower with its big round Amazon Rain Forest showerhead - and a great weight came upon me, and the voice came again. "$254. NOW."

    $254? What's $254? Hardly a number I would pick out of the blue. I grabbed Marvin's $14 off the dining table and in less than 30 seconds I was out the door, RUNNING, mind you - it wasn't as if I had received a suggestion.

    I dashed to the bank, got $240 out of the ATM, and sped over to Mary's house, $254 clenched in my fist. No one home. What to do? I left a note on the door for her to call me.

    Not long after I got home, she called. "Mary," I blurted, "God said you need $254, and I've got it here." She hollered something I couldn't make out and said she was already in her van and would be right over.

    As she stepped into our house, everpresent Bible in hand, laughing and crying, she immediately took a torn Post-It note from inside her Bible. It read, "My God supplies all my needs!! HALLELUJAH" (see scan below) She said, "I've been praying and praying over this list, and my God never fails me! He ALWAYS comes through!" I turned over the note, and what I saw made my heart stop - a list of financial needs with that day's date highlighted at the top.

    The amount she had to have that very day: $254.

    The amount she had been praying for over and over. Not a penny more, not a penny less. $254.

    We talked for quite a while, and cried a bit together, and I told her I had to keep that note. It's now in my Bible. And off she went, once again singing the praises of a Lord who constantly, daily, without fail, supplies her needs.

    I'm sharing this story here not for personal glory, but to the glory of God. I need no hail-fellows or well-dones - I got my blessing that day from the highest Authority. I was mightily humbled and blessed and joyful to have been used of Him. Mary prayed, and for His own reasons, God chose me.

    Know that He answers prayers, that He takes care of our needs, and that He uses each of us to be a blessing to others.

    "O Lord, open Thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth Thy praise. For Thou desirest not sacrifice, else would I give it: Thou delightest not in burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise."
    (Psalm 51:15-17)

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    Thank you for sharing this, Juker...


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    I would not expect anything less.
    When God is involved, miracles appear.
    It happens around here all the time, unexplainably.

    [just know that He is]
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    He does work in many ways man has not yet to know!!
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    I could share several similar. I am just thankfull you are in tune enough to hear and do. There is no better feeling.
  6. BETH

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    great story
  7. American Leader

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    Juker, you're one very lucky & special guy to have God chosen you for his work in such an outword way. You are blessed, congrats!
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    Very special......what a honor and blessing.
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    yep, great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    I wish he told that deliberatly every time. like you said though, you know when it is Him.
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    One more of many examples that GOD is with us every day, all we have to do is listen.
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    Thumbs up all the way around :)
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    Thanks for sharing. I know you must have a wonderful feeling.
    God will Bless You Again, you can be sure of that.
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    Amen. I think sometimes we can miss what he wants us to do, we just need to hear,and then act. You did a great job of acting on what you heard. You will be blessed.
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    I have had this type of experience also. It's good to know that I'm not the only one. Not that I thought I was alone in this type of experience, but it's good to hear other's stories. Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. Maybe we should have a category at TFF for "Extraordinary Experiences"