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.257 Ferret - looking for this wildcat and information

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I am looking for specs on a .257 Ferret wildcat.
I have only seen a picture of one. This is not the
.256 Ferret that was the forerunner of the .256 Win Mag
which started on a 357 Mag case. This one uses a
small rimless case like .223 Rem or .221 Fireball.
If anyone knows of this one I would appreciate hearing about it.
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There is a 25 GPC, that is based on the 6.8 SPC case, but I don’t think that is what your looking for. This cartridge is built to be supersonic.
There is always the old 25 Remington.
Standard velocity 22LR makes a fine small game round with or without a muffler. You also have 9mm and 45acp that are common carbine cartridges that are slow enough already.

IMO there would not be much difference between a 120grain 257 and a 180grain 308 - maybe 30 to 50 yrd on medium game. Both are too big for small game.

I prefer 200grainers myself. They will bring the mail at 1100fps. I can toss these at 1450 so I may go to a 240grn similar cast bullet and shorten the brass a little more - OAL is 1.6" and use a 10:1 twist 18" barrel. Brass and lead are pretty much free so primer and powder is around 16 cent per round.
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts