3 questions...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruffitt, Mar 1, 2003.

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    (9/15/01 12:09:06 pm)
    3 questions...
    1) Who here is willing to give up any part of our Constitution/Bill Of Rights in order to fight terrorism?

    2) If so, which part(s), e.g., the prohibition against unreasonable searchs, freedom of speech, etc.?

    3) What are YOU going to do if (when?) our government suspends our Constitution and declares martial law?

    Consider the very real possibility of one or more portable nuke(s) exploding in a major city(s) before you answer.

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    (9/15/01 2:04:59 pm)
    Re: 3 questions...
    Debo, deep questions here, what do you think the answer should be, not trying to put you on a spot, just seeking your opinion.

    (9/15/01 3:09:57 pm)
    Re: 3 questions...

    It may already have happened...the topic has been discussed over on firing line...no one has got an answer yet. Goes like this:

    1. George Bush has, in fact, declared a national emergency as of yesterday (see this link): www.sierratimes.com/archi...091501.htm

    {EDIT: The announcement can be seen on the whitehouse's own website: www.whitehouse.gov/news/r...914-4.html

    It's legit.}

    (I'm asking myself why this action hasn't been covered in mainstream media???)

    2. Assuming this report is accurate, someone else cited the North Carolina CCW statute, section 3.D.5, which specifically prohibits concealed carry in areas of declared emergency. Folks are wondering if our CCW has just been voided? And I bet similar provisions exist in other states.

    A wider question, not yet addressed, is what other rights have been suspended? There's a whole lot of US Code citations in the Bush declaration that I don't have a clue about their contents. Maybe martial law comes in measured doses, or it is just sitting there, waiting for the next incident, to be announced to the masses.

    As to your original questions, I would probably submit to unwarranted search IF an immediate, specific threat was being investigated, in my locale. If martial law was enforced on a long term, widespread basis, we'd have to ask ourselves a lot of questions around this issue (justification wise). Disarming the public? Not willingly.

    (9/15/01 3:37:10 pm)
    Re: 3 questions...
    hammer: I went to my state(Fl) web site and tried to find where I was not allowed to carry under a declared emergency.
    I could find nothing on the subject.

    Here is a link to a site where you can check State by State laws on CCW. Also while there you can choose to go to any states ccw web site. www.packing.org/

    I hope this will help clear up any questions on this matter.

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    (9/15/01 7:31:28 pm)
    Re: 3 questions...
    hammer4nc, here is a link to the US Code if you want to look that stuff up.

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