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(7/23/01 4:35:34 pm)
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My Dad loves his '06 Remington 7600, but as he gets older he's been complaining about the recoil knocking the heck out of him. I've been thinking about getting him a 7600 in 270 to make shooting and hunting more enjoyable for him. Is there enough of a noticable difference in recoil between the two to justify it? Or should I just get a muzzle brake installed on his '06? It will only be used for whitetail hunting and paper punching in PA and TX.

Thanks for the input . . .

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(7/23/01 6:01:10 pm)
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I would doubt if there would be much noticible reduction in recoil between a 130 gr .270 and a 150 gr 30-06. A softer aftermarket butt pad, a strap-on shoulder pad, a muzzle break - one or all these would help in felt recoil. If you are thinking of a muzzle break, Que Industries makes a great one that can be installed by the homesmith via a paint stripping heat gun. It also has a barrel tuner built in so that you can tweak-in whatever bullet load you're shooting to the peak of accuracy.
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