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300 BLK powder funnel on RL550

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I'm in the process of setting up my Dillon RL550 for 300 Blackout. Since the parent case is 5.56, I can use all of the 223 stuff except the powder funnel. Dillon recommends the AK funnel, which Dillon does not list as a separate part. I assume it is basically an extended "B" funnel so I am going to try to turn one on my lathe. Does someone have a picture of an "AK" funnel that they would care to share ? I would settle for the length of the funnel since I plan to duplicate the "B" funnel as much as possible. Thanks !
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Welcome to TFF ! The Dillon part number is 13015 and they're about $16 on Dillons site.
Thanks for the info - I'll take another look at their site.

Give Dillon a call and you'll have the correct powder funnel in hand in a couple of days. Dillion is SERVICE. You pay extra for that so you might as well use it.

The way to buy caliber changes for a Dillon RL550B is to keep a chart of what you have (Shell plates, powder funnels, pins). When you get a new caliber that you want to reload for, find out what it needs and compare that to what you have. Only buy, as separate pieces, what you don't have. But also list on your chart of shell plates, powder funnels, and pins, add a column for where each part is stored (which Dillon Caliber conversion box if you have any). I reload for over 30 different calibers and only have a dozen or so caliber conversion boxes and several loose powder funnels and shell plates.

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