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(12/26/02 11:20:12 pm)
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Looking for modern loading data for the 333 Jeffery flanged as used in double rifles.

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(12/27/02 6:07:07 pm)
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I found some data on the rimless version, but nothing on the flanged. They are probably about the same, although I would not want to assume so. I found the data in Cartridges of the world, 6th. edition by Frank C. Barnes.

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(1/5/03 8:49:36 pm)
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Re: > 333 Jeffery
Sailorboy, Have you found brass for your gun yet? Try They claim to be the worlds largest supplier of old, obsolete and hard to find ammo. Maybe they can help. Generally, with European cartridges that have a rimmed and rimless versions, the rimmed versions are not loaded as hot as the rimless ones. The rimless cartridges are usually for bolt action rifles which are stronger than the double barrels, drillings or single shot break-actioned rifles that take the rimmed or "flanged' cartridges. Hope that you can find some load data.

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(1/5/03 9:22:44 pm)
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Welcome to the board, Sailorboy - hope you will check out the many other forums here and join in the discussions. Newcomers are always welcome.

The only info I find on your .333 Jeffery Flanged is listed on page 357,Cartridges of the World, 9th Edition. It shows the .333 Jeffery flanged and rimless to have the same loadings. Those listed are:

250 gr Softpoint, 67.0 gr cordite for 2400 fps, mv, 3200# me.

300 gr Softpoint, 63.0 gr cordite for 2150 fps, mv, 3090# me.
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(1/5/03 10:19:21 pm)
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I don't know if they are still in business or not, my information on this is pretty old.

The Colorado Custom Bullet Co. made the bullets you might require for the .333 Jeffery. Think they had some in 250 grain, formally the Barnes Bullet Co.

However, I don't know if its the same Barnes Bullets that is in business today.

Make a Google search.


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