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Thanks guys.

Im always looking for Ideas for cool videos, and challenging shots. Any Ideas?
As a bit of a joker, I always wanted to make a spoof video of "The Worlds Greatest Rimfire Shot". A guy dressed in buckskins w/coonskin hat making a shot through a Lifesaver Candy at some incredible distance. With a mock TV News crew there to document it.
1st show a reporter on the shooter end with the shooter. Then another reporter at the target end who shows the target. Then back to the shooter end where the shooter does all the classic prep. Picks up handful of dirt and slowly releases it to gauge the wind. Adjusts his sights etc. He lays down w/a classic Indian style tripod made of sticks. Carefully aims and fires. In the distance you see the 2nd reporter, standing far to the side of the target, go down. Having been hit the obviously badly missed shot. Of course you would actually fire a blank. Shooter stands up as people run past him toward the downed reporter in mock horror. Last pic you see is of him shrugging.
I bet it would be a Youtube hit.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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