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357 mag nickel cases

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i pick up a box of reloads that i did 15 years ago.i was using a 160 grain bullet and 2400 powder.i know i was within one tenth of a grain max charge but i have never had a problem with this charge seemedd like the cases would stick somewhat until gun cooled down,anybody else run into this problem with nickel cases. old semperfi
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probably has more to do with the near-max charge than the nickel case, typically the nickel case will extract a little easier.
I agree with woolley, probably not the fault of the nickeld brass.

My full-tilt .357 deer loads (170gr Sierra pushed with AA#9) are on the stiff side and I've used both nickel and plain brass for them. No difference in extraction between the two.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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