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(4/12/02 7:30:07 am)
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I have recently picked up a Colt Trooper MK III .357mag Revolver. With the gun I recieved about 200rounds of .38special ammo and 50rounds of .357mag I was told that I can fire both of these with this gun? Is this correct or have I been misinformed I am not that familer with the .357 so I want to make sure I am not going to blow myself or the gun up.

Under visual inspection the .38special ammo looks to be the same as the .357mag except that the casing is about 1/4 inch shorter. Any info would be great.


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(4/12/02 7:52:51 am)
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Welcome, Awadsworth1276.

Be assured that you can shoot the .38 special in the .357 cylinders. This is a well known fact in the gun fraternity and perfectly safe.

However, when you clean your firearm make sure you scrub the cylinder good with some lead bore cleaner if you are shooting lead cast bullets. The shorter .38 brass cases don't reach the seating depth of the .357 cartridge, and there is a small area there that can build up a residue of gunk that can in time bind up the cylinder from seating .357 brass into it.

Bang away, sir.

Also, be advised that the .44 magnum does the same thing with .44 special cartridges...they are interchangeable, just scrub like heck with that one too.


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(4/12/02 8:09:49 am)
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After posting the question I found a great site for this info.

Thanks for the info. This is a great site and I enjoyed reading many of the posts. I think this will be a great asset in my reloading learning.

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