357Mag. vs. 357Sig.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mass confusion, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. mass confusion

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    Feb 25, 2004
    I am new with guns, I have recently shot a .357 magnum, I've been looking and I have noticed there is a .357Sig, can anyone tell me what the difference in bullets is?

    Also I have been researching guns, I have been looking into .357Sig and a .40S&W, can anyone tell me what they think would be the better answer and why?
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    Welcome mass confusion! Check into our Centerfire Pistol/Revolver Forum or our Ammo & Reloading Forum. There have been some good discussions on these rounds.

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    Glad to see you at TFF, mass confusion. Hope you enjoy it here and will become more than a frequent visitor.

    We are a diverse group and enjoy a camaraderie unsurpassed anywhere on the Web. Our collective knowledge is some of the finest you will find anywhere and is unsurpassed.

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    Fortunatally someone will be around to correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as calibers go, I dont see a huge difference in the .357SIG and the .40...
    The .357SIG does have some penetration advantages over the .40...This can be a good thing, or not so good depending on the application...In the past, the .40 caliber hollow point bullets have been said not to be expanding properly when fireing upon targets at short distances, I dont know if the issue has been improved upon yet or not.
    Between these two calibers, I think it will come down to simply finding a firearm that feels good in your hand, keeping in mind that the light weight guns are going to have more felt recoil than the heavy ones...Both calibers are fast, and penetrate deep, so if used as a home defense gun with people in other parts of the house, I would highly recommend that you hook up with C&R Ammo here in the fourms and pick up a box or two of frangible ammo.

    Sorry I dont know much about the 357 Mag, thats one gun that I have never owned for some reason.
    Good luck in your search, and welcome aboard!

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