.38 Colt Officers Model

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    Jun 22, 2012
    Similar to another inquiry. Slightly different numbers and he had ivory grips.
    I was cleaning this gun when I was 12, now 73. Dad and brother (policer officer) were shooting this gun in competition in St. Louis before I was born, or at least very early on.
    OK--Top of barrel, Colt's PT.F.A. Mfg Co Hartford Ct, USA
    Pat'D, Aug 5, 1884, June 5, 1900, June 4, 1905. Side of barrel, officers model .038 with the Iron Cross, stamped in front and end of copy. 6in barrel, In cylinder housing, 521009, N underneath. checkered wood grips, seal of horse and Colt both sides . left side of gun above grip, etched pic of horse. Adjustable sights front and rear. Cylinder turns clock wise. Very smooth action. Shooting in single action, very sensitive trigger, great.
    Price would be interesting, but will pass on to kids, still in excellent condition, Put 30 rounds through it today. Should I still be shooting it.
    Interested in passing history of gun along with it. Thanks, you can also send info to rhaci@charter.net if convinent. Just noticed, left side, right behind trigger guard on frame a 3 is stamped. Thanks again .
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