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(8/2/01 4:29:43 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All 38 Largo (eibar)/Largo 38 special
This article was originaly posed by tccox on 7/31-01 @7:41:22 AM

I just ordered the above froM SOG and need some loading info. I currently have only 148g WC slugs and would appreciate loads for it plus loads for lighter slugs also. Thanks, Tom

The following was originally posted by tccox on 8/02/[email protected]:48:48 PM

I recently bought one of these from SOG. They said it will chamber the 38 sp but DO NOT shoot +P in this gun since it was originally black powder. My question: can I shoot smokeless powder in this gun or must I shoot black powder? I have loaded 12g pyrodex w/148g wc and it shoots pretty well but is really messy. Any suggestions for any safe loads?? I load my own. Thanks, Tom
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(8/5/01 3:11:46 pm)
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Have you tried light target loadings of Bullseye?

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(9/19/01 5:51:09 am)
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Sorry I haven't gotten on this earlier, been kinda missing this forum. Due to the softer steel used in these early Spanish revolvers, and the design based on the original black powder loading, the importers warning is a safe and prudent one. However, you can use lower pressure loadings of modern powder. I would suggest cruising your loading manuals for 38 Special, and look at the lower range loading specs. Compare these specs to your normal store bought medium range 38 Special loadings. Work up some test cartridges at the bottom of the fps scale, well below the store bought stuff. You should then have a safe ammo loading for those revolvers.

The funny thing is the variability in these revolvers. I have seen some that have been fired for years with regular 38 ammo, with no ill effects, and I have seen some showing evident wear from that diet.
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