.38 Super vs .357 Sig

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    Reply | Edit | Del All What is the ballistical/terminal difference between 38 super
    and 357 sig?

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    Re: What is the ballistical/terminal difference between 38 s
    It all depends on if you reload or not. The .357 Sig is factory loaded to higher pressures, since it does not have to contend with older pistols chambered for a similar cartridge as the .38 Super does with the .38 ACP. Therefore, higher velocities are expected with the SIG round, with the same bullet weight.
    .38 Super factory loads with a 125gr bullet run about 1150fps, while the .357 SIG runs around 1350. Higher velocity with a static bullet weight translates into more energy.

    The other perceived benefit of the .357 SIG is the case design. The .38 Super is a straight-walled semi-rimmed case that can be problematic without a carefully tuned pistol. The SIG round is slightly bottlenecked and rimless and seems to function more reliably, especially in smaller pistols.

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    Not enough to make any differance, get the one you like the best.