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.380 handloads

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seven 62
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(2/22/03 1:08:47 am)
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If you were gonna load some .380's to do nightstand duty, what bullet would you seat? These loads will be fired from a Baikal IJ-70 17-A Makarov and/or a Davis Industries P-380. I don't wanna break the guns or shoot through a wall, so the loads will be standard pressure.
I'll probably load only 50 or so rounds at a time as they will just sit around till I have to kill a pop can or two with them for an excuse to load more.

Thanks everyone.

Seven 62

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(2/22/03 6:50:39 pm)
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Say there, Magsafe is the only factory made cartridge that comes to mind to use as house duty gun.

Ask your local gunshoppy to show you some or at least some info on it.

.380 is not exactly a man stopper but all the same wouldn't want to get shot with one.

But them magsafe rounds will really do some serious damage to an bad guy and won't go through your wall to a neighbors house. Magsafe probably your best bet.

Speer makes something called Gold Dot, suppose do a pretty good job of body penetration too.

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I use 95 and 102 grain rn or hp with 3.0-3.2 bulls eye. I have used 124 gr rn lead with 3.0 bulls eye. All worked fine out of my p3at keltec. I prefer the 95 at 3.0.

.45 ACP or even .357 Mag :D
I have two (2) .380. I would like to know what small gun would be easier for me to load. My arms are not as strong as they used to be and it's hard for me to pull it back to load the first round. It is also very loud and bucks like my Dads old 45 The guns have only been fired...maybe 10 times. Also, how much could I expect to get for the .380 on trade.
Welcome to TFF !

If the slide pull on a semi is difficult, then I'd go with a revolver. The ruger LCR is small, light and compact. I haven't personally shot one yet, but several members here have them and love'em.

What models are the 380's? They've got a good market right now and if in excellent condition, you will get a fair price for them if they are of quality manufacture.
I had a Makarov 380 for years and reloaded for it first on 9-10-2001. Mine would shoot the Hornady 115 gr XTP's very well.
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