380 hi point

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    does any one no anything about the 380acp. Just bought one and wounded if anyone has comments about it

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    The .380 acp is a fun gun for me when I want to plink at cans rapid fire out to about 15 to 20 yards.

    Got one of those Hungarian FEG PA-63 in .380 acp much like a Walthers PPK except I took those crummy black plastic grips off with the thumb rest and put some hand made laser carved light walnut grips on it. Looks and handles very nice.

    These are good inexpensive firearms and reliable in function, but for real firepower to stop an adversary who means you major harm you might want something a tad bigger in bore size.

    But you certainly are well armed in the home and yard by having one in your pocket is no problem at all...no one is going to screw with you if you're pointing one at them in defense of your well being. Just be aware of what is needed to hit a vital spot on a bad guy. Hope I don't have to get explicit on that aspect.


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    Hi Buyer300mag........welcome to TFF.

    The .380ACP cartridge is about the minimum defensive round. .380 pistols are usually small and concealeable, and worth having for when you're wearing clothing that won't conceal something with more power.

    I have a small Llama .380 (mini-M1911) that I carry in a "small-of-the-back" holster on "tee shirt & shorts" days.

    For defensive carry, it's better than nothing.......but "just".

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    We have had a couple of the hi-points in 9mm. Gave one to daughter-in-law, so are down to one. I like it and have had no problem since they redesigned the magazine cap many years ago. The heavy slide makes them very controllable, although a little fat for some people's taste. Since I can conceal a 6" Dan Wesson trooper, I have little problem concealing this one.

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    I have a Browning BDA.

    The only person I'd ever recomend a 380 to is the guy pointing a gun at me. I wouldn't deliberatly depend on it to shoot dogs with.
    -12 gauge when you want to REALLY get serious.

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    Well, I've heard of Leos talking about .38 special bouncing off a bad guys noggen...what does that say about the effectivness of a 9 mm in a shoot out?

    Maybe with the right kind of ammunition you might have some chance with a measly .32 acp or .380 acp.

    I was once shot with a .22 LR at close range and tore the hell out the flesh...luckely it didn't hit a vital spot or artery...still got a nasty looking scar.

    Yar, I don't want to have a BB gun pointed at me let alone a little .380 acp.