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I've loaded thoustands of 38spl simi wad cutter & jacketed rounds. Just got set up to load some 9mm and was comparing powder loads.
I was surprised when I noticed the 9mm required more powder than the 38spl
My manual calls for:
38spl 158g Cast Lead w/ HP38 powder, start 3.1g to Max 3.7g of powder
Pressure =14600 cup

38spl 125g jacketed w/ HP38 powder start 3.8g to Max 4.8g
pressure = 14100 cup

9mm 115g jacketed w/ HP38 powder start 4.7 to Max 5.1g of powder
Pressure = 28100 cup

What got my attentsion was my first drop of powder into the 9mm case filled it more than 50% full, so I've stopped until I hear some opinions from you guys, what do you think, I've always trusted my manual but this makes me scatch my head and pause.

You've already gotten some replies but I figure another "you're good to go" wouldn't hurt.

I load 124 grain FMJ with 4.7 grains W231 (aka HP38) @ 1.10 OAL (really anywhere from 1.095-1.105)

Fills that case up probably 60% the way to the top but I've put about 500 of those downrange with no problems and the recoil is surprisingly mild. Since I'm putting 124 in there, the pressure in your rounds should be even lower than mine.

Have fun!

EDIT: Hodgon website is a good place to look for starter loads. That's where I got mine. Is the 1.125 OAL listed specific for that load? If so, I'd stick with the listed OAL for the individual load. Loading the round too long reduces the pressure. I'd hate to see you squib one if you load it entirely too long with the minimum load. The manual's aren't interested in you getting hurt.
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