4-bore double rifle for sale

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    Dec 2, 2009
    I'm new here and somehow googled a 2004 post from Hillbilly Joe who was looking for a 4-bore double rifle. I have one for sale and photos can be seen at my website: calpappas.com The rifle is by Robert Hughes from the 1890s (approximately), has 28-inch barrels, weighs 22 pounds (23 when loaded!), Jones underlever, exposed rebounding hammers, and absolutely mint bores that are fully rifled. Some ballistic data is posted on the site shooting Blue Dot and Fg and FFg GOEX with 1400-grain balls and 1743-grain conical bullets. Photos are on the home page, double rifles page, and double rifles for sale page. Enjoy the photos and lots of other stuff on double rifles and hunting in Africa--the two passions in my life.
    Cheers, all.
    Cal Pappas
    the best in double rifles and African hunting.
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