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42 K98 sport
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(8/13/02 8:37:26 pm)
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I'm looking for a 850-900 fps load for some 210 gr. lead bullets I have using 2400 powder. Since this is another one of those soon to be gone calibers I'm not having much luck in reloading manuals. Thanks.

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(8/13/02 10:40:47 pm)
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Lyman 47th Ed

215 gr cast

2400 powder

Start load - 14.2 gr 835fps 19,600 CUP
Max load - 18.8 gr 1272fps 37,000 CUP

Remington 2 1/2 Large Pistol primer

Lyman 44th Ed

212 gr cast

2400 powder

Start load - 14.0 gr 957fps
Max load - 18.8 fr 1208fps

Large Pistol primer

Hope this helps - BTW, Welcome to the board, 42 K98 Sport!
"Keep Off The Ridgeline"

42 K98 sport
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(8/14/02 6:14:32 am)
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Thanks for the information and the welcome. I have the Hornady fifth edition manuals but they don't list any lead loads and are so full of errors that I hate to use them. Went to the Alliant web site and all they list are max loads. I seem to remember that when I first started reloading the manuals had minimum to maximum loads listed but guess there are to many calibers and bullets to do that now. I'm a member of the Mauser shooting association and reload for the 8mm. My real love though is pistols and I reload for the 9mm, 10mm, 41 Mag, and 45 ACP. I've just run out of 41 ammo that I reloaded in 1983 (only been shooting for the last year as we lived in Japan for 8 years) so had to start looking for lead loads again. This is great as I can load up a couple of rounds this morning before I go to the range as Wednesday is range day!! Thanks again.

*TFF Staff*
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(8/14/02 10:30:16 am)
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Re: Thanks!
Welcome to TFF 42 K98 sport

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(12/18/02 11:51:26 pm)
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