43 Trillion TARP lawsuit

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    Aug 19, 2011
    I may be behind he curve and this was brought up already, I just heard about it on C to C last night,

    Among those named in the lawsuit are Eric Holder, Tim Geitner, several big banks and most of the fed reserve in general,

    From what I heard last night , Holder and Geitner have already fled the ship like the rats that they are, don't know if Hillary is involved and getting ready to bail as well,

    The story was broke on CNBC, on Otc. 27th I believe, the Exec. Producer that OK'd the release of the story was given a phone call threatening his kids, the story was pulled within 2-3 hrs, but his kids were killed, supposedly by the nanny, who then, again, supposedly slit her own throut, but the injury to her neck was not like that of a self inflicted wound, in fact the knife was thrust into her neck in a manner that is taught to special OPS type folks, not a slicing motion, but a strait in plunge, with enough force to actually have broken her neck,

    Is it possible to even do that to yourself? to generate enough force to break your own neck??

    She survived though, and after coming out of a coma she lawyer'ed up,

    The law firm that filed the lawsuit specializes in whistleblower cases, as soon as it was filed the lead attorney's license was pulled and he was indicted on some charge,

    This is supposed to go back, and include some of "W's" people as well,

    Obama has said recently that all the TARP money had been paid back, with interest, the AG in charge of TARP for "W" says none of it has been paid back...

    The guest on the radio show last night said that the lawsuit was started by a large group of home owners, but grew into what it is now, and qualify's for RICO status,

    On a side note General Petraeus just resigned, no doubt will be taking the 5th on a regular basis in the near future,

    "Some of the alleged conspirators are Attorney General Holder, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, the brother in law of Defendant California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Jon Corzine (former New Jersey Governor), Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary and Bankster), Timothy Geitner, Treasury Secretary, Vikram Pandit (recently resigned and disgraced Chairman of the Board of Citigroup), Valerie Jarrett (a Senior White House Advisor), Anita Dunn (a former “communications director” for the Obama Administration), Robert Bauer (husband of Anita Dunn and Chief Legal Counsel for the Obama Re-election Campaign), as well as the “Banksters” themselves, and their affiliates and conduits."

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    I truly believe that the American citizens have been sold out by the greedy members of our government and the ruling class. I don't think we have seen the tip of the iceberg.

    These guys are out for themselves and will do anything to make a buck. They have sold our country right out from under us.