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  1. whip

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    Jan 29, 2006
    Ok, I know that the .44 mag typically has a bore of .429 but I ordered some lead bullets and when they came they are .431. Can I reload them at .44 special pressure levels in 44 mag with out problems since my last lead bullets were .430. I shoot a lot of slow .44 mag lead bullets for practice. These are all lead bullets no jackets.

    Also I had my wife one time stop and buy some bullets for me and the store help gave her .428 diameter lead bullets. I believe these are for a 44/40 right?
  2. carver

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    The best loads for .44 Mags are, jacketed at .429 inch and lead at .430 inch. All .44 Mag ammo should fall into either of these measurments. And you are correct .428 is 44-40. I would load the .431" bullets, and shoot them. Lead bullets in a Magnum gun are not the best idea. Keep them well below 1,000fps, and you will be OK, and that puts the load into the .44 Spcl catogory.

  3. JLA

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    .431 is commercial casting companies' way of making sure their bullets work in most .44 caliber guns. Its not the best unless your bore runs a little big but it will be ok even in a .429 bore. Lead is soft enough (even hardcast) to swage down to bore size easily even under moderate pressures. I bought a box od lasercast before I started casting my own and they all ran .431 with a beveled base. They all shot fine, and quite accuartely I might add out of my SBH.
  4. mikld

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    Jun 24, 2009
    You need to slug the barrel and chamber throats of your gun for a good answer. Accuracy and no leading is best when the lead bullet is about .002" larger than the bore. I have 4 .44 magnums and the bbl. diameters run from .4295" (Ruger Super Blackhawk) to .432" (Puma M92). Consiquently, I use bullets of .431" (Ruger) and .433" (Puma). I've used the .433" bullets in my Ruger with no ill effects, I just prefer to save them for my Puma. Cast bullet manufacturers (the good ones at least) size their .44 caliber bullets at .429", .430", .431", and .432". I have a Ranchdog mold that gives me .433" bullets of WW alloy for shooting in my overbore Puma.

    The bullet size you mention will work fine in your gun.
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  5. Popgunner

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    Dec 3, 2005
    Mike Venturino wrote about a quick method to check what diameter lead bullet works well for accuracy in a given revolver & that was to swing the cylinder open & insert a boolit into the front opening of the bores on the cylinder. This is supposed to help accuracy if the boolit enters snugly.

    Your .431 cast bullets should be fine as far as safety goes.
  6. muddober

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    whip: Assuming they are lubed right and that they are of a harder alloy and not just pure lead you can drive them 1400 fps with no problem. The difference between .429 and .431 is of "0" concern unless you have a cylinder that won't take them which is very, very unlikely.

    I have been casting my own pistol bullets and old rifle bullets for 35 years, hopefully I have learned something.
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