45-70 cartridge question

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    A friend asked me:

    "I am in possession of four 45-70 rifle
    cartridges. They are brass-cased but have a
    wooden bullet instead of the usual lead/metal
    type bullet. I believe these wooden tips are
    hollow with some type of small pellets inside.
    The only info I've found on them is that they
    could possibly have been made for killing small
    game in the western U.S. in the mid 1800s, or
    they were used in "wild west" type shows to
    shoot glass bobbles. Anybody have any info on
    these? Any info on their potential value (if any)
    is also appreciated."

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    Re: 45-70 cartridge question
    Hi TxDoc

    I found this on the web

    Many countries used wooden bullets. However the actual purpose was as BLANKS.
    The actual force of firing would shatter the wood and it would rapidly fall
    away. Effective range was around 20-30 feet. It is possible that some
    different types of wood could remain intact. (Ebony and other extremely hard
    woods.) However the ballistics of such a round would be very poor. i.e.
    accuracy and speed would severely suffer as the weight of such a round would
    be approx. 30 to 40 grains.
    >From personal experience of firing old .45-70 wooden rounds as well as German
    wood tipped 8mm blanks the story would seem to be a battle myth. These rounds
    just disintigrated when fired. Kind of like the story of coating the bullets
    with garlic to cause infections.

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    Thanks WP. That was fast. I will pass it on. I never heard of this before. Learned something new.
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    So---you`s in Texarkana.......hello from 50 miles west ov ya on 30.


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    Hello, yeah right on the state line here!

    The guy with the cartridges asked a follow up:

    "Yeah, I've also been told this theory of the
    bullet's purpose. My only question for that
    is why does it have small shot in the wooden
    bullet? If it is a blank, why even bother
    putting small shot into it? Why not leave it
    solid wood? I completely agree the wooden
    bullet would most likely disentegrate, but
    would the shot still travel effectively enough
    and have enough punch left to kill a small
    animal? TxDoc, does Warpig have any idea where
    I could find out more info on these blanks?
    Especially the ones used or made in the U.S.? "

    he can be emailed at:
    [email protected](removethisfirst)hotmail.com

    in case you don't want to tie up the forum space.

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    Re: follow up
    I have no idea. The info I did find on the net was all I found.

    There are antique ammo collectors out there. Here is a big list of them. Hope this helps.