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.45-70 Trapdoor custom Titanium front sights

Discussion in 'The Buy/Sell/Trade Forum' started by Big Mak, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Big Mak

    Big Mak Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Nov 14, 2014
    Washington State
    I've been working with a friend who is a machinist.
    One of the machines he has at work is an EDM.
    I gave him a drawing based on my field tests at 100 yards with the original .45-70 Type 3 Front sight.
    Based on this drawing, he made me a few stainless steel prototypes that I again went out and field tested.

    Now, most of you know the Trapdoor really starts sight in at 200 yards. I wanted to customize the front sight for 100 yards. The end result was 5 packages of 'finished' Titanium front sights for an extremely low price ($35) for the set of 4, and free shipping, if you'd like one. Paul gets the profits.He only made 5 sets to make it worth the electricity of the machine running, and I own one set! shoot me an email if interested. sportsdad60@gmail.com

    The .350 is the best overall front sight. This front sight combined with the peep hole on the Buffington sight just below the 200 yd mark puts the 405 grain bullet pretty much spot on. When using 500 grain bullets at 100 yards, one must bump the rear sight up to the "200" mark to hit near bull at 100yd. Then incremental from there. (200 yds, bump the rear sight up to 300 yds.)

    This makes a nice compromise between a range shooter (typically 50-100 yds) to a long distance shooters (2000 yds is the max for the Buffington sights) by simply adding 100 yards to the Buffing sight.
    Naturally you'd use the taller sights (.400 and .450) for closer range shooting.

    My email is sportsdad60@gmail.com.
    Pics attached: A package of 4 titanium EDM-cut front sights suitable for Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 -established Model 1873 Trapdoors. These will polish up nice and shiny if you want to but I prefer them "Cut color" as they closely match my barrel.

    2nd pic is my field test results using the .350 sight at 100 yards (marked 200 on the Buffington peep sight) with 500 gr reloads.
    If this post isn't cool to the Admin/mods, no worries, just remove it. I want to give some Trapdoor enthusiasts a great deal for variable height front sights. There are only 5 packages.


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