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    (10/5/01 8:17:50 pm)
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    How many times should I reload these cases?
    Is there any certain rule I should be following when deciding how many times to use these cases?

    Also is Unique powder better or worse than other powders? I don't know if another powder might burn cleaner or not.
    Please give me any feedback.

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    Howdy zombiedawg, Well let me see. I have reloaded the 45acp brass as much as 12 times. But you first have to make sure the brass is the same size. As far as powder goes, I had NO LUCK with unique powder, my weapon would not function properly, but with Red Dot ( same manufacture as unique ) it worked great. I use 5 grs of it in my 45 with a 230fmj bullett. Works great in mine Hope this helps. loader44.

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    no problems with Unique, have also used Red Dot (nothing to say either way), and Win231 (which was VERY dirty) for IPSC loads.

    As far as .45 casings, I use'em 'til I lose'em, and routinely use a case gauge for my match ammo (and don't care for 'plinkers').
    I'll toss out a found casing if I see the headstamp lettering is flattened out...

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    Thanks for the info guys

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    Brass cases (especially military brass) can be loaded many, many times.

    As far as Unique is concerned....it's great stuff....my powder of choice for factory equivalent and high power loads. 6.0 gr. with a 230 gr. RN bullet is factory equivalent. 6.6 to 7.0 gr with a 200 gr. SJHP makes a nice defensive load. For bowling pins, I used 6.2 gr Unique with a 250 gr. Keith-type bullet.

    For lower powered target and plinking, I prefer 3.5 gr. of Bullseye with a 200 gr. SWC.