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458 lott / winmag reloading

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OK.. a lil while back I picked up a rifle in 458 lott.

Havn't found any ammo locally for it. Have a couple shows coming up I may find some. I can / will order some 458lott online next time I place an ammo order.

Until then, I found a decent supply ( affordable too! ) of 458 win mag, which the rifle in 458 lott will digest safely.


I plan to relaod for the 458 lott.

no problem.

Here's my delima.

Do I chip for the extra set of dies and also reload the 458 win mag?

i don't really plan on getting a 458 winmag.. but will have 80pcs of once fired brass for it.. and guess I could reload for them.

use that as my softer plinking ammo maybee?

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I would sell/trade the brass and just stick with the Lott and not worry about new dies.

In totally unrelated news, I'm in the market for some more .458 win mag brass! :D;)

but I think it's similar to the 38 in a .357 deal, it's fine but I prefer to just load light .357 for practice ammo rather than shoot 38's. Same for that thing, I know it's only a small difference in case length but I just don't like the idea personally. short term, no biggie but I would just stick with the Lott
I do plan on actually getting lott brass and ammo and using that. was just in a quandry as toy relaod the winmag brass or not. guess if i found a set of used dies that was cheap.. maybee.. sure wouldn't buy new ones...
I just purchased a CZ 550 in .458 Lott and, of course, am seeking to reload. A few questions: Can .458 Lott reloading dies be used on .458 Win Mag cases (and vice-versa), and is it acceptable to use .458 Lott brass for .458 Win Mag loads? I am concerned about leaving too much case space in the latter instance. Thanks.
i know you can fire 458 win mag in a 458 lott.

the 458 win mag is a shorter case.

if you are crimping.. I don't believe you could use a lott die on win mag brass.

I'm not sure how FL resizing would go euither.. but then with a straight walled case.. might be not much of an issue..
ps.. i bet you might cut a lott down to winmag specs...
Ideally, I'm looking to load only .458 Lott brass. That way I'd only have to purchase Lott dies. Since the longer Lott cases have ample room for any loads worked up for Win Mag, I'm just wondering if it's safe to use those cases for Win Mag loads. In such circumstances, would some kind of filler to fill up the Lott cases be indicated? Maybe it's not a big deal but I'd hate to try it and risk some kind of "mishap"!
I'm not following here.

if you have lott cases.. and a lott gun. load them to lott specs.

if you have a winmag gun and lott cases, trim the lott cases to winmag lenght and load them as winmags.

if you have win mag cases and a lott gun, load the winmag cases as winmag and shoot them in your lott gun.. and then clean the chamber before switching back to lott cartridges.
I've got a Lott gun and Lott cases. I'm looking to load "light" Lott rounds, and wonder if I can just use the Win Mag loads that I find in my reloading manual in Lott cases. In other words, use Lott cases for Win Mag loads. I don't see why it wouldn't work but grant that there may be some reason, perhaps related to not filling up the Lott cases, not to.
i don't like derating a charge too much.. never know what the pressure would do.

I know some cowboy action guys load up large cartridges with something like trailboss for play loads.. might ask around..

also.. you might ask about patching on top of the powder and buffering with cornmeal..

i've never tried that. have read about both ideas for my 45-70 and some of my other shoulder tenderizers.

if you find out anyting like that.. Post it here.. i'm sure many of us will be interested!
Thanks, Soundguy! If I figure it out I will let you know!
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