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(1/14/03 12:56:32 pm)
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What crimp should I use for a 200 grain rn plated or a 200 gr swc plated?

My rounds keep getting pushed into the case when they chamber.

The swc rounds won't chamber no matter what I do. They keep getting nicked in the tip of the bullet.

The round nose bullets chamber ok, but they keep getting nicked on the tip of the bullet, and they keep getting pushed into the case a little.

Current crimp set down from .469 to /460, and the problem won't go away.

Any suggestions?

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(1/14/03 1:30:58 pm)
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Eapples - A big Welcome to the board. Hope you will partake of the many other forums contained here.

1) Make sure your cases are sized and trimmed to the proper length.
2) Verify the bullets are of proper diameter for the caliber (a couple of thousanths can be a problem with jacketed bullets)
3) Always use a TAPERED crimp with this cartridge, which headspaces on the case mouth.
5) Watch your OAL on bullet seating, to assure they aren't seated out too far.
6) It is difficult to get square tipped/shouldered SWC to feed thru a semi-auto as well as roundnoses, especially soft lead. You may have to either polish your feed ramp or have a gunsmith alter the ramp to more smoothly pick up and feed the SWC's.
7) This exhausts my knowledge of semi-auto handguns, as I'm basically a shoulder mounted shooter!
"Keep Off The Ridgeline"

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(1/14/03 5:34:12 pm)
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Welcome, Eapples to the forum.

An easy set up seat and taper crimp is to try and keep a factory loaded round in the bullet weight you desire to load on hand. Put the factory cartridge into your shell holder and adjust the die to where it gently touches the crimped factory round, then if necessary give it another 1/4 turn more to make the crimp really hold.

But before giving it the final crimp adjustment have the bullet seating stem down to where you want the bullet to be seated like the factory round.

Hope this makes sense to you, let me know if you have any problems on it.

Hope you got some dial calipers to keep you accurate.


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(1/16/03 3:41:57 pm)
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Welcome to the forum Eapples,
If you are using the H&G #68 style SWC 200gr bullet, you need to seat the bullet to within 1/8th inch of the case. This will leave 1/8" of lead to ride on the feed ramp. You did not specify the weapon you are using, but I will comment on the 1911 slab side. First of all, this bullet is very hard to feed unless your feed ramp has been polished by a competent gunsmith. This is very easy for him to do.

If you do not leave the 1/8 inch of lead base exposed outside the case, the brass will bounce on the feed ramp and the bullet will hit the top of the chamber on entering, this is what you are seeing when the bullet end hits the top of the chamber. As for your taper crimp die, make sure that it crimps the case mouth to .469 of an inch. This case headspaces on the mouth and at .460 you may experience the cartridge going deeper into the chamber and experince misfires due to it going too deep and missing the headspace.

You may also want to check your magazines to make sure the feed lips are correct and not letting the cartridge lose too soon. This will also cause the bullet to hit the top of the chamber. Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.
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