460 Roland?

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    Oct 6, 2003
    Any of you have experience with a 1911 in 460 Roland? I read about one the first time in a book last night. Apparently Clark in La makes a barrell and comp for it. Takes thicker brass and pushes a 230 gr at something like 1200fps?
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    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    Check out Clark Custom Guns for the info on this one.


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    Apr 26, 2001
    Might look at this too.


    The 45 Super® - True 45 Magnum Power

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    The exterior dimensions of the 45 Super® case are identical to the 45 ACP. During the early development of cases for the 45 Super® by Ace Hindman, many different cases, most predominantly the old 451 Detonic's cases, were modified to function in the 45 Super® handguns. Through the work and development by Ace Hindman, the specifications necessary for the 45 Super® case to handle the increased pressures of the 45 Super were determined and standardized and ultimately resulting in the 45 Super® cases which are now commercially available from Starline Brass.

    The new and stronger design of the 45 Super® case means that the velocities and power can be achieved by the 45 Super® that are far superior to that of the old 45 ACP. The 45 Super® delivers more energy on target than any factory 45 ACP ammunition.

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    - !!!! No barrels or other parts need to be changed !!!! -

    No other shooting system offers such versatility with so little effort. There may be other 45 automatic cartridges with more power than the 45 Super®, but all of these cartridges require either much larger and heavier guns, or heavily compensated guns, both impractical or uncomfortable to carry and use for hunting or self defense -- and none of these systems give the added versatility of also being able to shoot standard 45 ACP ammunition. The versatility of the 45 Super® makes the 45 Super® the only practical 45 caliber automatic handgun that produces true magnum power.

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    Converting Exiting 45 ACP Handguns
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    .45 super brass (starline)

    isn't a bit thicker at the web than is R-P .45 ACP brass. I sectioned and miked them. the 460 brass IS thicker, and gets 230 gr jhp's to 1350 fps, a serious increase above the super. You dont need a fully supported barrel for the Super loads, but you do for the 460 loads.