50 cal. Ban.....

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    50 cal. Banned.....

    It's the 50 Caliber rifle ban now, but it will soon the be "sniper"rifle as the antigunners move up ladder towards your firearm.

    Subject: AB 50 Passes CA Assembly

    50 Caliber Ban Passes CA Assembly

    Just after 12 noon Pacific Time, the California Assembly voted to ban 50 BMG rifles.

    The bill is now referred to the Senate with an amendment pending.

    In the last week we’ve managed to light up the phones, faxes and mailboxes of California Assembly members. FCSPI representatives along with folks from the NRA, CRPA and others have been at the Capital all week fighting the bill.

    We had the support to kill this bill until the author of the bill made the false statement on the Assembly floor, "that 50 caliber rifles had been used to kill police officers at Waco, TX."

    We lost this battle – we will not lose the war in California.

    At the same time, legislation is moving in the New York Assembly to ban 50 caliber rifles there as well. The gun grabbers are funded by multimillionaires and they are doing their best to start a two front war that will drain FCSPI of its ability to fight back.

    They are mistaken.

    FCSPI will continue to fight both bills and we have the means to prevail. Our supporters are growing and the grassroots support from other concerned gun owners and activists gets bigger every day.

    The author of the California 50 caliber ban, Paul Koretz (D-Hollywood) has called 50 caliber target rifles, military assault weapons. His words to California 50 cal owners, “register your guns, big deal.”

    Right now FCSPI is fighting 50 caliber bans in New York and California – You can bet that if either state passes a ban into law, the gun grabbers will get a lot of press and support as they seek to export this ban to the rest of the country.

    It doesn’t matter if you live in California, New York, Wyoming or Alabama. Every American concerned about liberty and freedom needs to be in this fight.

    Please help FCSPI by making a contribution. You could win a CALIFORNIA MADE 50 BMG rifle! Visit our web site for more details…


    In Freedom,
    John Burtt, Chairman

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