525gr cast loads for the 45-70

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    My question for everyone is this: I have a bunch of MPS 525gr cast bullets. I need a load that will work in my 1895. I usually shoot these out of my .458 Lott but I want to try them in my 95. Powder in this area is hard to find so I am stuck with a limited choice. I can get RL10X, IMR 4007SSC, IMR 4064. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Do you think that the 525 gr will work in your 1895? It would either have to be stuffed into the case or there would be more protrusion than with 405 or smaller bullets.

    I did not find what you were looking for in "Modern Reloading" by R. Lee. Maybe some one else has something for you.
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    I might have something to help. Although the heaviest data I have is for a .500 gr. bullet. If you reduce loads by 10% and work back up slowly and carefully you should have no problem with this data using your 525 grainers. just steer clear of the stated max charge;)

    All of these loads were worked up and tested in a stout ruger #1 However they are pressure rated level 2 handloads and are deemed safe for the M 1895 lever action.

    RX10X= start @ 37.0 gr./1508 fps./ 26,400 psi.
    max @ 39.8 gr./ 1604 fps./ 32,600 psi.

    Benchmark= start @ 38.0 gr./ 1417 fps./ 25,200 psi.
    max @ 41.7 gr. / 1545 fps./ 33,500 psi.

    BL-C2= start @ 42.0 gr./ 1279 fps./ 20,700 psi.
    Max @ 47.0 gr./ 1784 fps./ 34,300 psi.

    Once again, these loads are for a 500 gr. cast lead bullet in the .45/70 cartridge. You should be able to use them as a base to work up a load for your 525 gr. bullets. Be sure to reduce your charge 10% from these loads and work back up. STEER CLEAR OF MAX!!!! You may or may not be able to load them into the tube magazine at length. Im not familiar with those bullets and Im not sure of the C.O.A.L. Just be careful and use your head. I have had my best luck using cast bullet loads at level 1 pressures in my .45/70 rifles and I would be willing to bet you will find your best accuracy there as well. Good luck...;)
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    I used to to load 500 gr gast bullets in my 1895 and found that the loaded round had to be single loaded through the ejection port. The loaded round with a 500 gr exceeded the OAL for the 95 considerably and once loaded in the chamber buy hand could not be ejected while unfired. After firing the round, obviously the case ejected normaly.

    I have to admit, the 500 gr made the 95 stand up talk

    Something to consider.....