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(12/26/02 10:50:02 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All .58 cal smooth bore accuracy with round ball ?
Hi All

I need some help before I go and purchase a .58 cal smooth bore shotgun muzzle loading.

The gun I am thinking of buying is a (PARKERHSLE 1861 ENFIELD CARBINE .58 cal Shotgun muzzle loading)
The reason for purchasing this as a shotgun is our LAW here in the UK does not allow us to have this kind of calibre rifled out side the shooting range for hunting.
So I thought of using .58 cal round balls through the smooth bore but first I need to know a few things.

1 – How accurate will it be (if I do my part)?
2 – what range am I talking about to hunt 50-yard 75-yard 100 yard? for (FOX HUNTING) wild dogs
3 – What range would you guys Zero at?
4 – What kind of groupings should I expect and at what range?
5 – Black powder is a pain to get here in the UK permits are needed plus inspections from fire officers so I will be using other powders for the job (no black powder) so what would you guys surgest ?

Thank you for your time if you reply I really appreciate it thanks


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(12/26/02 3:57:53 pm)
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I'd suggest a revolution.

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smoothbore acuracy

hey tlynn

just read your post about smoothbores..

I have been shooting a .20 gage {.60} smoothbore for
years. if you work up a proper load/ballsize combo
shots out to 100 yards are not uncommon.
i can keep mine on a 9in paper plate offhand consistantly.
if i stay in practice.

but then that is the fun of bp.
plus i use it for upland game and rabbits and such.

and it is a flinter, which just adds to the fun of it

good luck

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.58 smoothbore

Yes, smoothbores will shoot better than most people would suppose. It just requires the shooter to take the same care in loading that you would with a rifle. It will also require a little experimentation to figure out an optimum load.

As for black powder substitutes, I guess if you have to use have to use one. I personally dislike Pyrodex, just as dirty as BP and MORE corrosive. I have heard some good things about CleanShot, although I have not tried it.
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