6.5-06 Ackley Improved

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    Sep 15, 2008
    I've been loading this round for about 3 years, and found significantly improved accuracy & velocities when I switched to Alliant Reloader powders, specifically RL19 and even better, RL22. (I wonder if RL 25 is toooo sloooow for this 30-06-sized cartridge?). But.... I note that Alliant's reloading info lists recipies that give very slow "V" in my rifle, which is: Rem 700 custom, Douglas 28" match stainless hand-lapped bbl, 1 in 9.5" twist, semi-tight custom chamber. My reloads when I was living in California (only mentioned because the average temp when shooting in SoCal was > 80˚ and some velocities were "improved" by cartridge temp....) were pretty hot.

    I ended up with RL22 loads for 140gr bullets in the 59 to 61gr range, whaaay higher than Alliant even lists for the 264 Win Mag. And I saw velocities in the 3250 range! Wow! Some of those loads left primer pockets either "vacant" or leaking smoke when I opened the action. Now that I'm older and wiser (and still alive...) I've dialed 'em back to 57 - 59gr, and see velocities in the 3050 range, still effective on elk, deer, moose, caribou, etc. But again, Alliant would have me using max loads of about 55 - 56, which renders velocities in the 2600 2700 fps range. What gives? Anyone else have any experience with similar cartridges? Note on PO Ackley's comments on the 6.5-06 Improved: bull tweety! Too bad he didn't have today's powders but it's still hard to fathom his logic that the 6.5-06 Imp. showed no improvements over the non-Imp, given that he saw velocity increases with the -06 based imp cartridges that bracket the 6.5 The 25-06 AI, 280 AI, 270 AI all worked better than their parents. Ahh well; science moves on!
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    ND, USA
    That's another 6.5mm cartridge on my wish list for some day. For some reason I'm just really fond of the .264 bullet diameter.

    Given the bore and case size, I'd think that RL25 would be kinda slow. 6.5-06 should kinda fall between the .25-06 and .270, which I both load for...probably closer to the .270 RL22 and H4831 both work great for me in both of those rounds.

    Personally, I've had a couple Ackley Improved rifles. 22-250AI and 6mmRemAI. I never used the blown-out case specifically for packing in a little extra powder, but rather used the advantages of the steep shoulder and straight walls as an aid to increased case life (less brass stretching so I've gotten many more reloads out of the brass than the standard cartridge would've gave me).
    The nice thing about the Ackleys was that even though the dies cost an arm and a leg, I didn't need to custom form the brass except for a light fire-forming load.

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