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(10/10/02 1:07:03 pm)
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I am looking for two new loads for my 6.5X55 custom Tweed. I need a good whitetail, antalope, and mule deer load, and an Elk load.

I am planning an elk hunt to Wyoming next year and I want to carry my 6.5X55. I understand some may think I would do better taking a larger caliber but this is the rifle I have settled on and would like your imput about what I should load to get the job done. Keep in mind, this action is a M98 Large Ring Mauser tapped for the small ring barrels. The barrel is a 22" Swedish Mauser barrel with the fast military twist and deep throat. I am looking forward to your input.

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(10/10/02 4:30:33 pm)
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My somewhat sporterized 'Swede Mod 96 is partial to a loading of 129 gr Hornady bullets over 46.0 gr of VithaVuori N550 powder, with a CCI BR2 primer in W-W cases.

This gives 2915 fps out of the 23" bbl. Groups 2.4" hi @ 100 yds and shoots a .457" group.

With surgical precision placement, this will do for anything you care to hunt here in the US.

Many moose have been taken in the scandinavian countries using the 6.5x55 shooting everything from 140 gr to 175 gr bullets. I don't shoot those, so can't pass on any favorite loadings.
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(10/12/02 10:15:08 am)
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Re: 6.5X55 Loads Deer and Elk
Arkie 55,
I customized a pair of 96 Mausers recently for a friend and myself so I had occasion to work up a few loads. These loads are Maximum in these two rifles.
Deer / Antelope: 125 gr. Nosler Partition, Rem brass, 44 gr. 4350 powder, Federal 210M primer, Overal length 3.025. Excellent accuracy !

Elk / Moose / Caribou / Bear: 140 gr. Nosler Partition or 130 gr. Barnes X bullet - Rem Brass, 42 gr. 4350, federal 210M primer. Seat them to the base of the case neck. The Barnes will probably give better penetration but the Nosler will give the best accuracy. Take your pick! When I determine my Max loads I increase the powder charge until I get .0001" - .0002" case head expansion, then I back off the charge weight 1/2 grain. ( showing no case head expansion ) Hope this info helps you.
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