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(4/19/02 9:16:50 pm)
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7.62 vs .308 revisited
You guys remember that conversation a few weeks ago comparing .308 and 7.62.

Here it is

Anyway I finally got around to calling Springfield Armory and I asked them if their M1A's were designed to shoot commercial .308 or 7.62 military.

They told me that their M1A's ARE designed to shoot commercial .308 ammo and military 7.62. They said they know the .308 is higher presure than the military ammo and that has been factored into the design.

The customer service dude I spoke with was happy to help and even passed some time just conversating.

Acted like this is a question they get all the time.

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(4/19/02 9:28:44 pm)
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Re: 7.62 vs .308 revisited
Exellent WP, good look'in out!

Thumbs Up!
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