7.65 Argentine/ 303 British

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    For anyone know where I can find "cheap" .312 cal bullets? (i have plugged both of my riflesand both are .312) I am looking for some fmj if possible. Also, in bulk preferably. Everything I have found is about 20$ a hundred plus shipping. I don't need anything too special, I just want to shoot my old guns without breaking the bank. Thank you
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    I don't think there is much left for cheap surplus .311/.312 FMJ bullets to be found anymore. I haven't seen any lately but then again I haven't been looking that hard either. :)

    Besides the two Hornady choices that Josh mentioned (or other big brand bullets), keep an eye out for Remington bulk 180gr SPs. You can get them in 100 or 500 count packs...500 being cheaper.
    Winchester used to have a couple of nice 180gr SP and 150gr PSP bulk bullets too but I think both are discontinued as a bulk component. I really liked using the Winchester 150gr PSP in the 7.65x53 (Belgian/Argentine Mauser), but now I use the Hornady 150gr.

    Also consider some cast-lead w/gascheck bullets too. There are a few out there for the 7.65 bores. Not really that much cheaper if you're buying them pre-cast & pre-sized but still fun to tinker with.
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