7.92 X 57mm Berdan?

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    I recently fired some of this ammo. Looking into the case it appears to be boxer primed. Having decaping problems, I cut one of the cases, and it appears to be berdan with a single, centered very small flash hole. The head stamp is (@12:00), 21 RPR, and (@6:00) 55. Any of you guys know what it is?

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    Yo, Moskovskyya -

    I have an extensive list of headstamp codes from my research for 7.62x51 mil surp. The following was available.
    * * * * * * *
    21 Mátravidéki Fémmüvek Sirok, Hungary. Normally found on cartridge headstamps with a date stamped right-side up in relation to the factory code
    Plant 21, Uzinale Metalugica Di Copsa Mica Si Cugir, Romania. Normally found on cartridge headstamps followed by the letters RPR which stand for Republica Popolara Romana (People's Republic of Romania)

    Zaklady Metalowe MESKO, Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland. Normally found on cartridge headstamps with a date stamped upside down in relation to the factory code

    RPR ("People's Republic of Romania)
    * * * * * *

    I hope this helps, but I think the brass is only good for the scrap pile since berdan primed ammo is hard to find primers for and kind of touchy to reload without damaging the case head.

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    I'm a little confused by your description. Berdan primed brass has a "post" that stands up in the center of the primer pocket that the primer rests on. So how can it have a center hole? Are you sure that it's just not a boxer primed case that has a smaller/tighter flash hole?
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    sounds like "pre-standardization" obsolete 8mm mauser surplus ammo... My cartridge conversion sheet lists the 8mm mausers compatibility/interchageabilty cartridges as 7.92X57mm , 7.9 mauser, and simply 8X57 mauser, with the 7.92X57 and the 7.9 mauser being the obsolete nomenclature for the 8X57. so, if you have a box that is stamped 7.92X57mm, it is probably pre WW2 and very very corrosive, and is in the best interest of your firearm to discard, unless you plan on cleaning it right away.