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    Any opinions out there on the Remington 742 semi-auto? Is it reliable? How does it compare to the Browning BAR?



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    Shun the 742 like it was the plague!!! There are no parts available and Remington will barely acknowledge they made the gun. If you have to go with a Remington, go with a 7400. Remington fixed most of the problems with the 742 and called it the 7400.

    But there is still no comparison between any Remington and the BAR. The BAR wins hands down. Accuracy, reliability, and service, the BAR has it all.



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    They are as accurate as anything else on the market. Keep it clean and it will feed well, Feeding problems with handloads seem to reoccur. Using factory ammo remedies it.
    I would have no problem purchasing one. Save the money you would have spent on the browning and buy some more christmas presents. swede
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